It’s no secret that Erika Jayne is dedicated to living a glamorous life as one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but there’s still plenty that devoted fans don’t know about the Bravo personality. Now, she’s exclusively spilling all the tea to Us Weekly.

The Georgia native, 50, initially joined the cast of RHOBH in season 6 and fast became a show staple.

“My mindset was survival, like it was the season before,” the “Roller Coaster” songstress exclusively told Us last month of filming season 12, which is currently airing. “The season before was a real fallout [and] this season is really trying to pull yourself together and go on and, you know, it was tough, but ultimately I’ll get there.”

She continued: “You know, I don’t regret much in life. I think sometimes that the way I deliver things sometimes [is] misunderstood. I tried very hard for a long time to be as calm [as possible] and take the high road. And when you are consistently not being heard or just whatever, then … I just start raising my voice. And I think sometimes people misunderstand that.”

Scroll below to learn more about the reality TV star:

1. My favorite snack for when I’m chillin’ at home is always chocolate.

2. My first car was a 320i BMW. I loved that thing. 

3. I have a few special talents, but they’re all NSFW. 

4. The most amazing wig I have ever worn was my custom wig for Roxie Hart [in Broadway’s Chicago]. It was beautiful. 

5. My favorite show I’ve ever performed is every single one of my Broadway shows.

Erika Jayne in ‘Chicago’ on Broadway.
Broadway World/Shutterstock

6. Something in my purse that might surprise people is a full travel-size toiletries kit.

7. Rihanna is my No. 1 fashion icon. 

8. I always host my family during the holidays, but you won’t find me cooking in the kitchen. 

9. One place everyone should visit when they come to Beverly Hills is the Beverly Hills Hotel.

10. My go-to move on the dance floor is a classic two-step — step touch, step touch. 

11. Rihanna and I have worn the same clothing a few times, but it’s still not enough.

12. Casino is my favorite movie of all time.

13. My favorite vacations are somewhere warm, fabulous and on a yacht. 

14. My advice for my teenage self would be to just keep going and never stop, no matter what.

15. The best thing about being [on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] is all of the amazing opportunities the show brings. 

16. The hardest thing about being a Housewife is fighting with people you actually care about.

17. Believe it or not, my favorite item in my wardrobe is my emotional support sweatpants.

18. My favorite workout right now is Muay Thai, which is Thai boxing. 

19. On a typical Saturday night, you can find me on the couch with my dog, Tiago, watching a movie. 

20. On a typical Sunday, you can find me in bed with Tiago watching a movie. 

21. My favorite place to get lunch in L.A. is the Hotel Bel-Air.

22. My celebrity crush is Idris Elba.

23. My No. 1 must-have beauty item right now is [my brand of luxury extensions] Pretty Mess Hair. 

24. A misconception about me is [the notion] that I have ice in my veins, when actually I’m just very sensitive. 

25. This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is truly a wild one.

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