The plumber Orange County can assist you most in knowing how to maintain the septic tank. They have been working in this field for years, so they can quickly tell you the tips. Most importantly, you will benefit the most from keeping your septic tank safe and providing your household with a safe environment to live in. The tips are:

Check Properly Before Purchasing a New Property 

Maybe you are planning to purchase a house. But before finalizing the deal with the property owner, you should know about the house’s septic system. It is crucial also to understand how the previous owner has taken care of the system and maintained it properly. If you can manage an earlier record of it, you are fortunate. Find out the position of the septic tank. Try to know the location of the wellhead and also see how far it is from the septic tank. To test the well water, you should give someone the duty to find out the presence of bacteria and the pH level of the water.

Don’t Throw Harmful Things in The Drain 

You already know that the septic system receives everything a drain passes. So, you should carefully flush everything through your toilet or run anything through the sink. The vehicles’ fuel, food residue, and drain cleaners should be out of your drain. The things which develop from these things need to be pumped out in the future. Again, this thing can also harm the helpful bacteria in the system. Using the enzyme cleaner, you can break the organic stuff, which will not harm the bacteria.

Inspect The Septic System Once Every Year

Although it is not necessary to inspect the septic system every year, it will cost you very little. By checking the system, you will be able to know that the system is working perfectly. Call for a professional plumber or plumbing to make sure the pressure in the tank is enough for pumping. The well pump cannot function properly without enough pressure. It will harm the pump. If you see any susceptive things, take steps quickly to save your septic system from failure.

Preserve Water 

You should reduce water use as much as possible at your home. Because the more water you will use unnecessarily will go into the septic tank at the end. Thus, the tank will fill earlier because of overload in it. To reduce water usage, you can shorten your shower time, maximize the cloth loads of your washing machine, use the dishwasher once a day, etc.

Reduce The Use of Garbage Disposal

You should avoid the use of garbage disposal as much as possible. It is better if you don’t use it at all. Because garbage disposal can let many solid materials in the tank, ultimately, it makes it pump your system quickly to let them out. You can create a compost solution in your backyard to throw out the vegetables or uneaten food items. You can use the fertilizer for your plants in the yard.

Take Care of the Drain Field.

Through the drain field, the pre-treated water of the tank flows into the ground. But you should be careful about its protection. You should not drive any vehicles or the rainwater or other source of water away from it. Try to plant trees a minimum of 100 feet away from the system. The tree roots can cause massive trouble for the system.

Use A Lid on Your Septic System 

The lid of a septic system should always be on it. Otherwise, there are chances of falling in there. It is risky for small kids mostly. In addition, you can also sometimes check the lid to see whether someone has removed it unconsciously or if it has been damaged or cracked from anywhere. Then you should set up a new cover at once. Also, check the wellhead to see whether the well cap is sealed correctly and tight.

Closing Remarks

The Orange County emergency plumbing can solve the issue related to your septic system whenever you need it. You can keep the emergency away from you. So, you should know well about their maintenance to get the most benefit from your septic system!

By Jordan