As we all are aware of the term “body positivity”, we have not learnt how to embrace it in a practical manner. With reference to trends which go viral under the disguise of fitness, maintaining a zero-size figure is what everyone in today’s world craves for. Such commercial standards of beauty have been followed for several years. Everyone strives to have a sharp jawline, slim waist, and toned legs. There are uncountable slimming methods which get marketed daily, certain people even resort to plastic surgery to accomplish their expectations of a “quintessential body”. Celebrities have set sky touching standards of fitness and beauty which are not a piece of cake to be attained by the common man.

The faces of the film fraternity and the modelling world are at times perceived by the people in a wrong manner. Instead of solely watching movies/commercials for entertainment purposes, people start connecting with what is being displayed on the screen and form unrealistic goals regarding body image. Obese people or people who are battling health issues like diabetes, PCOD or thyroid often have an inferiority complex after watching those who have an hourglass figure or a muscular and chiseled physique, this can have a serious impact on their mental health.

How the narration around us, affects us

Although admired designers and media houses have taken the initiative of glorifying all the body types by collaborating with a variety of models, there is still very limited representation of people belonging to the heavier side.

Accepting the conceptualization of self-image is a very diverse concept in today’s world which should be taken quite seriously to create a sense of empowerment and acceptance in the society. When it comes to this realm, apart from body image, topics like admiring all types of complexations, normalizing women’s body hair growth and different types of skin textures, which are minimally discussed on public forums, should be talked more often.

Influence of other’s opinions

The ideology of a slender waist is highly engrossed in the minds of people at large. People start being sympathetic to those who are slightly overweight, even if the other person is happy in his/her own body. People don’t think twice before being opinionated on the build type of other people. Social media platforms like Instagram have also played an enormous role in this quotient. Influencers have swamped the Instagram feeds showcasing their flawless bikini bodies.

A vital change in perspective

Living in a world where all kinds of figures are normalized and appreciated both at a personal and professional level, would be very calm, comforting and uplifting for everyone at large. The concept of self-righteousness will only flourish when a significant alteration regarding body image is noticed at large. When people will not deal with an actual ‘phobia’ of being fat and a celeb’s weight fluctuations won’t become a topic of discussion then the world will become a carefree, strong and a marvelous place to reside.