With parents trying to protect their kids from seasonal diseases, allergies and other ailments that the rainy season brings with them, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her audiobook titled ‘Secrets of Good Health’ available on Audible, shares tips to boost their immunity.


To ensure that your kids fill these rainy, gloomy days with energy, Rujuta recommends parents “Start the day with any of these three things. Ek to first, a fresh fruit in the morning ya fir soaked badam ya fir bhigoye hue kaale munannake with one or two strands of kesar.” (Begin the day with either a fruit or soaked almonds or soaked raisin with 2 saffron strands). This not only keeps their energy level up but also nuts are proven to improve the overall immunity in the body. Almonds have antioxidants that protect cells from damage and contain iron and protein essential to healthy immune system function.


“Amla ka dose har roze” says Rujuta Diwekar. Amla also known as “The Wonder fruit” is a great fix to several issues. As per Rujuta “Amla fights infections and even headaches or dizziness with its high levels of vitamin C.” For parents who are struggling to feed Alma to their kids, Rujuta suggests “Amla can be consumed as is or had as Chyavanprash, pickle, sharbat or even Murabba.”


The disadvantage of monsoons is that kids end up staying with the confines of their homes. However, for good immunity, Rujuta suggests they play every day even when indoors. “Har ek bacche ko, aur especially bacchiyon ko, kam se kam 90-minute din main khelna-koodna chahiye. Joh bhi unhe pasand ho, uss khel-kood main waqt guzarna chahiye. Agar 90 minutes ek saath possible nahi hai, toh atleast 60 minutes din main unhe khelna-koodna chahiye. Har ek bacche ko balancing sports seekhna bahut zaroori hai. Kya hai, ki jab humare bacche 60 minutes din main dum lagakar khelte hai, tabhi unki bone density badhti hai. Jab bone density badhti hai, toh sehat bhi acchi rehti hai. Aur buddhi bhi acchi chalti hai. Almost 90% of our bone density is made up in childhood.” (Every child, especially girls, should have a minimum of 90 minutes playtime. They should spend time playing any sport they like. If 90 minutes in one go is not possible, then atleast 60 minutes in a day is necessary. Every child should learn balancing sports. The thing is that when our children put their heart and soul into playing sports daily, then their bone density increases. When that happens, then they are healthy. And their mind also works well. Almost 90% of our bone density is made up in childhood.)


The urge to order outside or eat packaged food and stare lazily at the rains is strong in the monsoons. But it is important to provide healthier food substitutes and options for kids. Rujuta says, “Food main aapko constant bachon ko options dene chahiye. Options jahan unko constantly packaged food ke liye ghar par banaya hua better, healthier, much more nutritious and much tastier option ready ho. Agar bachhe ketchup maange, toh unko bolo ki ketchup nahi, but chutney khao. Kyun chutney khani chahiye? Kyunki aapko chutney main itne saare nutrients milenge jo aapko ketchup main se obviously nahi milne waala.” (You should constantly give options to children when it comes to food. Give those options where instead of packaged food, they get better, healthier, tastier and more nutritious home-made food. If your child asks for ketchup, offer them chutney instead. This is because chutney contains a lot of nutrients that you will obviously not find in ketchup.)

She further adds, “Agar chips maangte hai, toh kaju khilao. Agar kiwi maangte hai, toh kela khilao. Basically, har time local, seasonal aur traditional aur ghar pe banaye options hi khilao.” Agar chips maangte hai, toh kaju khilao. Agar kiwi maangte hai, toh kela khilao.

Basically, har time local, seasonal aur traditional aur ghar pe banaye options hi khilao aur common sense constant lagao) If they ask for chips, offer them cashews. If they ask for kiwi, offer them bananas. Basically, every time offer local, seasonal and traditional home-made options.)